Empowering Children to Reduce Energy Consumption

By Kat on January 23, 2015

As a kid, the concept of consumption and money is completely foreign. Things are just there for you to use, be it the food that you eat, the toys you play with and the electricity that powers your nightlight. It’s why you’re usually met with blank faces when you tell children to turn off the […]

Simple Energy’s 2015 Predictions

By Cassie Holdridge on January 9, 2015

Across the utility industry, utilities are beginning to view customers as an essential business asset. As consumers educate themselves on the growing selection of energy options available to them – and as alternative energy solutions become more affordable – the utility industry has begun focusing on customer services to build greater consumer engagement and loyalty. […]

Empower the Entire Family to Save Energy

By Cassie Holdridge on December 31, 2014

Here at Simple Energy, we believe that you’re never too young to learn new energy saving tips. Whether you’re teaching your kids the importance of turning off the lights when they leave a room, setting rewards goals as a family, or purchasing a more energy-efficient refrigerator, saving energy is a mission the entire family can […]

The Monthly Mystery Bill

By Cassie Holdridge on December 22, 2014

Every month, there is one bill that I never know how much it will be. I know when it arrives, and when it’s due, but each time I open that envelope there is a surprise waiting for me (and no, its not a blue box with a white bow that says Tiffany’s on it). Think […]

12 Days of Christmas

By Cassie Holdridge on December 13, 2014

Whether you love holiday shopping (the decorations, the sales, “Santa Baby” playing at every store), or hate holiday shopping (the crowds, battling for a parking spot, “Santa Baby” playing at every store), there’s no getting around the fact that exchanging gifts is a big part of the holiday season. We give gifts to show our […]

Why Personalization is Crucial for Customer Engagement

By Julia Johnson on December 5, 2014

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” This translated quote from Blaise Pascal reveals a couple of interesting things about the author. First he is familiar enough with the reader to know that the letter contains information irrelevant to him/her. Second, the author considers his time more valuable than that […]

Simply Giving Thanks

By Cassie Holdridge on November 25, 2014

This week, we hope everyone gets to enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving with friends and family. The Simple Energy team will be paying tribute to a great year with a couple extra scoops of potatoes and a few extra slices of pie. And there’s quite a bit for Simple Energy – and the industry in general […]

The many flavors of customization

By Cassie Holdridge on November 21, 2014

Some companies approach personalization from a very high level, offering generic content that’s meant to be tailored to the end user but not necessarily derived from any specific data. Others take a more finite approach, examining behavior and tendencies to provide a unique customer message. However, with the increasingly rapid shift toward enhanced customer engagement, […]