Recent Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Renewables in Western Mountain States

On February 7th, Colorado College’s State of the Rockies Project released the results of their third annual “Conservation in the West Poll”. The poll was a bipartisan operation, pairing polling companies from both political parties to conduct a survey of 2400 westerners from six western states on their feelings towards energy and conservation policy.The overall findings suggested a disparity between public opinion and current policy decisions, which is something that campaigning politicians should pay close attention to.

Overall findings showed that 91% of those polled are in agreement that public lands are an essential part of their state’s economy, 79% believe that they significantly contribute to their quality of life, and the 71% adamantly oppose the sale of public land.

In the energy sector, opinion points overwhelmingly towards support for increased renewable investment. Solar energy investment was supported by 74% of those polled in Arizona and 56% in Colorado (where it tied with wind) and New Mexico.

We will be keeping an eye on how western politicians incorporate this poll data and we’ll be watching The President’s State of the Union Address tonight to hear what he has to say about national energy policy.

For more information about this poll and it’s results, check out this New York Times Green Blog article on the results, or see the raw data for yourself at the State of the Rockies Project‘s website.

Simple Energy expands to larger office space

This month, Simple Energy moved to a new office space in downtown Boulder, expanding into a larger space as the team continues to grow. With momentum building for several larger partnerships this year, the company is committed to continued support of a rapidly increasing organization, as well as providing additional space for other members of the local startup community. Continue reading

Simple Energy hires new COO Bud Vos, formerly of Comverge

Today in Boulder, Simple Energy announced that Bud Vos has joined the team as the company’s new chief operating officer, bringing over 15 years of experience driving rapid growth and innovative product strategy for leading smart grid companies. This strategic hire is the latest in a series of developments positioning Simple Energy to become an industry leader in utility customer engagement programs that leverage the power of behavioral economics and social networks to motivate energy savings. Continue reading

Smart grid study: reliability important to all consumers

A new consumer smart grid study sponsored by the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative found that across all customer segments, grid reliability is extremely important, with many consumers willing to pay extra every month in exchange for increased reliability. “A smart grid that senses problems and reroutes power automatically, preventing some outages and reducing the length of those that do occur was one such benefit, ranked as important to all consumers.” Continue reading

Proactively managing utility customer communications

While proactively managing communications with utility customers is especially important during a power outage, this forward-thinking approach to customer relations is something that utilities should always keep in mind. By making proactive communications a central part of the business strategy, utilities can improve their overall satisfaction rating and better manage the process when outages do occur. Finally, proactive communication is also important as customers increasingly compare their experience with their utility to that of other industries such as banking and entertainment. Continue reading

Meet your customers where they already are, and make it fun

Last week Simple Energy attended the E Source Utility Marketing Conference, where CEO Yoav Lurie presented with Sarah Hill of SDG&E about achieving customer engagement and energy efficiency results with social game mechanics. This presentation fit into two of the main themes of the conference on utility marketing programs: meet your customers where they are already spending time, in a social and fun online setting, and make the interaction simple and intuitive. Continue reading

Keeping your customers interested: game mechanics and social networks

A few months ago we shared some thoughts on how to make saving energy as fun as skiing with game mechanics, and recently a new article popped up focusing on how these same social gaming principles apply to another critical element of customer engagement: how to keep people coming back for more. The marketing lessons discussed in this article apply not only to getting people to return year after year to the same ski slopes, but also to keeping them interested in energy efficiency, demand response and more over a sustained period of many months and years.   Continue reading

Welcome new Simple Energy rock stars!

We are happy to welcome two new rock stars to Simple Energy, Nick Pleis and Amit Kumar. Both are joining the development team, helping us to keep building creative new ways to help people have fun saving energy. We’re also still hiring for other positions including development, sales, and summer internships, so check it out if you haven’t already and share the news with your friends! Continue reading

Simple Energy to present on Green Button at Smart Energy Summit

Next week in Austin at the Smart Energy Summit, Justin Segall of Simple Energy will present about the impacts of federal policy on energy management solutions, specifically describing the benefits of the White House driven Green Button initiative for customer engagement purposes. If you’ll be at the conference, stop by and say hi at 3pm on Thursday, March 1st at 3pm in the Texas Ballroom 1. Continue reading