More support for Green Button: over 30 million households

By admin on May 2, 2012

Today the White House announced growing support for the already popular Green Button, with new industry commitments to the initiative bringing the new total of energy customers who will be able to download their energy use information to over 30 million households. Green Button is an industry-led effort that enables electricity customers to download information about their household or building energy use in a consumer- and computer-friendly format with a single click of a button. 

“Giving residential and commercial customers secure access to their own energy data in a standard, easy-to-understand format will help them visualize their energy use and identify opportunities to save money,” said Todd Park, Assistant to the President and U.S. Chief Technology Officer. “At the same time, Green Button is spurring the development of new online tools and services that add value to the information, creating an innovative new domain for entrepreneurship and job creation.”

In this innovative new domain for entrepreneurship, Simple Energy is excited to be the first third party application to integrate with the Green Button, and we eagerly support new utility commitments to this initiative. Read more in the full press release from the White House, and find out how to use Green Button with Simple Energy here.


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