Simple Energy first to demonstrate integration with Green Button

By admin on March 22, 2012

Today in Washington D.C. at Powering the People 2.0, the White House announced increased industry support for the Green Button Initiative, explaining how standardized energy usage data can be leveraged to deploy effective customer engagement and empowerment programs across the country. As the industry moves towards data standardization across all utilities, there is increased opportunity to leverage this data to quickly create customer engagement programs.

The Simple Energy Customer Engagement Platform is the first third party application to offer full integration with Green Button data, providing utilities with an opportunity to quickly deploy a program that allows their customers to easily understand their own energy usage data. In a recent demonstration program in San Diego called the Biggest Energy Saver, the platform motivated customers to save an average of more than 20% on their energy consumption, with the top performer in the program achieving nearly 50% in savings.

Coinciding with the Powering the People event today, Simple Energy and eMeter, a Siemens Business, published a white paper entitled The Engaged Customer: How data standardization leads to empowered customers and successful Smart Grid deployments. This paper describes the value of leveraging standardized energy usage data to create effective customer engagement and empowerment programs for utilities.

“Data standardization coupled with robust infrastructure is an essential element for creating customer empowerment and engagement opportunities,” concluded the authors of the white paper, Justin Segall of Simple Energy and Chris King of eMeter, a Siemens Business. “The Green Button Initiative is an example of data standards delivering customer value. By utilizing smart grid and meter data management infrastructure to enable customer access to their energy usage data, the Green Button initiative is a great first step down the path of data access and standardization.”

At the Powering the People 2.0 event, service providers including Simple Energy spoke with utility industry executives and policy makers about delivering valuable third party applications to enable customer engagement in programs including energy efficiency, demand response and successful smart grid rollout. Translating Green Button data into programs that enable customer empowerment and engagement can deliver needed results for utilities and customers.

As Energy Secretary Steven Chu has said, “Providing consumers with easy access to data on their energy consumption can help give them the tools they need to make informed decisions about their energy use. Developing applications and services to help consumers understand and control their energy use is a field ripe for American innovation.”

Learn more about opportunities for customer engagement based on leveraging Green Button data in the full white paper at


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