Social marketing for startups: what’s the secret sauce?

By admin on May 9, 2012

As many people around town are no doubt aware, Boulder Startup Week is rapidly approaching, with just a few shorts days left before the excitement of hackathons, craft beer parties, cruiser bike rides, and more begins. Here to discuss social marketing for startups, a topic that is at once simple and complicated, Simple Energy’s very own Justin Segall will be joined at Boulder Startup Week by other startup rock starts including Alex White of Next Big Sound, Chuck Lepley of Orbotix, and Anna Sawyer of Trada

While social media marketing offers an incredible opportunity for startups to create relatively affordable buzz, it also presents new companies with a lot of questions. What channels and networks should you use? How much time and what resources should you commit to your social marketing strategy? Who should handle it? Where do you start?

These are just some of the questions that Justin, Alex, Chuck and Anna will attempt to answer at this event next Thursday morning, in a location to be determined, but where there will definitely be coffee available. Although we can’t all get President Obama to play with our product, there may still be hope for the rest of us trying to build awareness of our cool new stuff. The Obama thing was pretty sweet though.

Hope to see you there and at many other events next week!

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